Merry Mary

Yesterday was a pretty good day. For a variety of reasons, I was not necessarily feeling the holiday spirit this year, yet I still managed to enjoy the day in spite of my lack of festive feelings. That’s a small victory for me, but one that I will gladly accept nonetheless.  The younger sister and I lounged around her home lazily, while the hubster toiled away in the kitchen preparing delicious treats for us to feast upon.  We exchanged presents.  We talked, and ate, and laughed.  We reminisced about past Christmases and made tentative plans for future ones. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say that this Christmas earned a solid 8.5, falling short of the 10 only due to the lack of the older sister’s presence.  That said, and in no particular order, here are some random thoughts from yesterday…

  • The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Christmas special was absolutely fantastic, and both Eddie Murphy and Lizzo did NOT disappoint!
  • The weather in Bloomington Indiana was not at all what I expected it to be, and was also apparently not at all what they are accustomed to during that time of year.  Highs in the mid 60’s, while quite comfortable for this Florida gal, were a bit disappointing for the younger sister, who would’ve preferred a more traditionally cold Christmas.
  • Other peoples’ pets are no substitute for your own.  While my sister’s cats definitely give some great cuddles, I have found myself desperately longing for my own fur baby back home.
  • I miss my mom and my grandparents terribly during the holidays, and find myself wondering when (and if) those feelings will eventually fade.
  • I miraculously managed to make it to Christmas without getting ‘Whammed’ and am not quite sure how it happened, but would like to highly encourage folks to congratulate me, and perhaps even send me prizes in the form of cash and travel vouchers for this impressive accomplishment.
  • I cannot believe that I am going to be 42 years old next month.  It’s really true what they say: The days are long, but the years are short.
  • My younger sister puts the toilet paper on the holder the wrong way, and I’m now starting to wonder how it is that we are even related

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